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A documentary on ancient food customs


At the beginning of June there was a film crew from California shooting sequences at the reconstructed Commonwealth farm. They were there to film a documentary on Icelandic cuisine in the Settlement age.

Guðmundur Ragnarsson við matseld í þjóðveldisbænum
Guðmundur Ragnarsson cooking food at the reconstructed Commonwealth farm.

The film crew was led by Jayson Woodbridge, a wine farmer from California with a great interest in cuisine.

The television programme which was filmed at the reconstructed Commonwealth farm is one of 20 test programs that will be shown on the TLC television station. The programme with the best viewing figures will then progress to being marketed and broadcast.

Jayson was assisted by his wife Helen Mawson. He was accompanied by sound technicians and cameramen and also by Guðmundur Ragnarsson, a chef from the Laugaás restaurant. Guðmundur has a keen interest in the cuisine of past centuries.

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