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Gaukur Trandilsson filmed at the reconstructed farm


The Youth Association of Skeiða- og Gnúpverjahreppur has dramatised excerpts from the Saga of Gaukur Trandilsson.

Last week there was a film crew working at the reconstructed Commonwealth farm in Þjórsárdalur. The purpose of the visit was to film scenes from The Saga of Gaukur Trandilsson.

The occasion of the filming of this saga is the dramatisation by the Youth Association of Skeiða- og Gnúpverjahreppur (UMFG) of the play, the Saga of Gaukur. The play is by Vilborg Halldórsdóttir and tells the story of Gaukur Trandilsson from Stöng and Þuríður Arngeirsdóttir from Melrakkaslétta. The scenes were filmed at the reconstructed Commonwealth farm are to be used in the dramatisation and as promotional material for the play. A clip of the dramatisation will also be shown in the programme "Landinn" that the national TV station, RUV, will broadcast soon.

There is very little information available about Gaukur, as only a few accounts have survived of this man who was said to have lived at the farm Stöng and who was killed by Ásgrímur Elliða-Grímsson, the foster brother of Gaukur of Gaukshöfði. Legend has it that Gaukur had seduced the lady of the house at Steinastaðir, who was related to Ásgrímur.

It is thought that there once was a manuscript of the Saga of Gaukur Trandilsson, but now it is lost. In Njál's Saga one can find two sentences about Gaukur; there is a mention of him in a runic inscription at Maeshow in the Orkneys and Haukur Valdísarson wrote about him in the skaldic poem, The drápa of the Icelanders. Vilborg also uses sources in the Vikivaka verse Öldin var önnur ... [Then times were different ...].

The play, Gaukssaga, which will be premiered in Árnes 26 March, was written from these few sources. The play will be performed every weekend until 17 April.

The play shows episodes from the golden age of the Valley which heightens the imagination of the audience and deepens their understanding of the society that once flourished under what is now a layer of volcanic ash that blankets this beautiful valley.

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